Spread Wings, Falcon of China and Israel Cooperation

——December 21, 2016

Falcon is characterized by ferocity, sharp eyes and quick movement.

FA-Falcon detection series jointly developed by Focusight and Israel AVT possess such characteristics.

Blue and red respectively represent the color of national flag of Israel and China.

About FA-Falcon

Focusight and AVT jointly launched the detection solution with high cost performance of 100% in view of the soft package market of China.

-- “FA-Falcon” detection system customized and developed for the Chinese market combines the detection software and working process of AVT, and meanwhile integrates the hardware platform of Focusight, which is sold by Focusight nationwide.

FA-Falcon can be installed on the printing machine to realize the online detection, and also can be installed on the inspection machine to realize the quality assurance, so as to meet 100% full detection demands of various types of soft package materials. It is applicable to the soft package products in various materials, involving transparent film and foil, holographic foil, paper, and carton box, etc. The detection system is equipped with the color camera with high speed and high resolution, to adapt to the soft package products with different breadth of 650-1450mm. FA-Falcon is also provided with the optional module, to promote the printing process control ability substantially. For the working process link, the defect detection report data on the printing machine can be transmitted to the rewinding machine by the working process link, so as to achieve the high efficiency rejection of waste products.

December 16
FA-Falcon New Product Release Conference & Customer Appreciation Meeting

In December 16, Focusight and AVT jointly held the FA-Falcon New Product Release Conference & Customer Appreciation Meeting in Changzhou Base Camp of Focusight successfully.

The meeting was officially kicked off beside the beautiful Western Taihu Lake at 9 a.m.

AVT president Mr. Koby, director of Changzhou Innovation Park between China and Israel ZHAO Dongliang, and vice general manager of Focusight Doctor WANG Yansong made the opening speech.

Head of Focusight North China Region LIU Chunyuan shared the technical proposal of high cost performance products jointly launched by Focusight and AVT in view of the soft package market of China.

Doctor WANG Yansong, vice general manager of Focusight shared the special talk of “Growth of Focusight”, narrated the orientation of Focusight Company and the process of Focusight creating the core competitiveness constantly for 7 years, and shared the fruitful achievements gained by Focusight in the printing detection industry and other fields.

At 2 p.m., all customers visited in the plant of Changzhou Headquarters of Focusight, and personally experienced the end-to-end solution of soft package detection from preparation to completion.

    1) Show the pre-printing register SolidProof technology, to proofread the correctness of printing forme and document before printing.

    2) Show the advantage of gravure online high speed detection of FA-FALCON at 500m / min.

    3) Show the full flow of “online detection → data transmission → offline rejection”. Show the latest data transmission and accurate off-position, and full flow of handling the defective products by the rewinding machine.

    4) Show the functions of the central server of Printing Manager Center, and clearly show how to control the quality data and production data in multiple hybrid scenes of online + offline of the plant.

LIU Guo, the pre-sale engineer of Focusight, combined the real-time equipment demonstration and made the professional technical talk, and also explained and answered questions for the FA-Falcon equipment advantages on site.

FA-Falcon Achievements

The meeting was compact yet substantial in a day. The customers gave the full affirmation to AVT software and Focusight hardware platform and service ability by the personal experience, and signed for more than 15 sets.

Nearly 120 customers across the country such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan and Yunnan attended this meeting.

Thank all customers for trust in Focusight. We are looking forward to providing more technical solutions and better services for you next time.

For more details on FA-Falcon, please call at 0519-80583791.