Focusight Intelligent Printing Plant

Focusight Intelligent Printing Plant is positioned on the printing and packaging industry, considers the characteristics of printing and packaging industry full, and is the total solution of automation + informatization and software + hardware, to realize the connecting link between the planning level and control level. It adopts the internet thought guide and concentrates the data on the cloud.

Focusight Intelligent Printing Plant 1.0 can bring us
Information Center Decision-making Center
Situation Room
Overall information, clear at a glance

Monitor various production statuses of production, quality and equipment in real time.

Real-time detection, early warning, and prompt countermeasure

Immersion, overall perception

The real scene reappears, to perceive the equipment information in real time.

Multi-dimensional query 鈥 deployment situation, running status, energy consumption status, and maintenance.

Multi-dimensional boar, visual information
  • Task board
  • Quality board
  • Inventory board
  • Flow board
Productive process, material flow, overall process tracing
Technological process, free configuration

According to the product customization process.

Different technological processes, graphic configuration.

In-depth customization of process flow module.

In-depth production management based on the production process.

Task schedule锛孭rocess management

Multi-plant and multi-task decomposition and production scheduling.

Real-time task tracing and managemen.

Suspend and terminate the operation for the order task.

Detect the early warning function in real time, and warn the equipment status at any time.

Team configuration, data management

User-defined team, staff and working hours.

Real-time record of team staff working conditions.

Overall mastery of work performance appraisal data.

All-round management, efficiency promotion
  • Production management
  • Label management
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment management
Report form statistics, detailed analysis

User-defined report form based on the management needs.

Transparent information, total data.

Data-based analysis and decision.

Authority management, with their own duties

The system carries out the authority management as per roles.

It can carry out the operation authority setting for different roles.

It can limit the system functions of different authorities.

Mobile management, decision a thousand miles away

The mobile phone side adopts the lightweight application of WeChat official account.

The cloud system keeps synchronization and monitors the production status remotely.

The production site status message is pushed in real time and controlled at any time.

Production report and statistical analysis

The benefits of Focusight Intelligent Printing Plant are improved comprehensively.

The system interconnection and data sharing reinforce the cooperative office ability of all departments and improve the work efficiency.

The production link is transparent, monitorable, and traceable with cost reduction.

It reduces the labor statistics and manual report, and enhances the productivity.

The decision-making level grasps the changes on demand accurately in real time.

Improve the enterprise quality image, and gain the customer confidence.

Intelligent Printing Plant is the technological innovation and even the management revolution.