Mobile phone industry inspection solution

It provides the product appearance detection equipment for customers in 3C electronics industry, involving defect detection and dimensional measurement, and meanwhile provides the supporting highly intelligent automation equipment, to meet various customization demands of customers.

Photoelectric film 鈥 polarizer detection equipment

Typical defects

Photoelectric film 鈥 graphite cooling fin detection equipment

Typical defects

Detection equipment of mobile phone functional components

Focusight can provide the solutions of mobile phone functional components for you involving acoustic components, camera module, and display module, and provide the exclusively customized service in accordance with the customer demands.

Detection of mobile phone cover glass

2d glass (such as Iphone5S), 2.5d curved glass (such as Iphone6), 3d bent glass (such as Galaxy S7 edge and VIVO xplay5)

Cover glass and back shell glass (S7 edge, Galaxy S7, MI Note, and MI 5)

Typical defects

Detection of mobile phone metal back shell

Typical defects