Non-standard Automatic Total Solution

HP-J300AAFull Open Fine Box Automatic Packaging Machine

Auto loading mold, bottom box molding, inner box corner making, transportation inner box, coverage molding and foam pressure function with automatic fault alarm function;

Whole machine adopt PLC system control have memory function, Program formulation design, Realize quickly switch;

The whole machine adopts modularization, softness and miniaturization design thinking, each module can operate independently, on-line convenient;

Rapid replacement of modules for multiple products;

Mechanical positioning, Precision up to 0.05mm.

Clear waste paper packaging line

The whole line has the flexibility, miniaturization, and modular design. The equipment realizes the functions of clearing waste, feeding paper, detecting and packaging, as well as the function of automatic fault alarm. All machines can be used independently, or used by partly connection, or used by the whole line.

The whole line adopts PLC control system, and has the memory function and the program formula design, to realize the fast switch.

It adopts the mechanical positioning, with the precision of plus or minus 0.05 mm.

Reverse feeding machine

The equipment is used for the printing and packaging field, and undertakes the material receiving of inspection machine and feeding of folder gluer. The equipment includes the rack, storing conveyor line, reversing mechanism, elevator mechanism, reforming guide mechanism, clamping mechanism, rotating mechanism, and shifting mechanism. The equipment can finish the reversing and rotating motions of paper in the whole pile.