Most “International” Focusight

——January 14, 2017

All Focusight colleagues know that the company has a foreign staff, an Indian young fellow who likes taking photos himself.

He is Siva and loves smug. (PS: I remembered that Siva only worn the smallest size T-shirt when the company held the staff activity once, because he thought that wearing the smallest size would be sexy.)

Certainly, in addition to impressing everyone, Siva is admired for his dedication and professionalism in Focusight by all. In the sixth year of work in Focusight, he has been served as the head of sales in India currently from the customer service engineer at the outset, to provide high-level service and product for overseas customers of Focusight through his own efforts.

The first inspection machine in the Indian market –Customer K

Focusight was one of the printing quality inspection suppliers entering the Indian market at the earliest. In August 2012, the first inspection machine of Focusight entered the Indian market. Siva as the engineer did training for customers on site and gradually guided the cognition of the Indian market to the inspection machine.

It was difficult of market cultivation. The customers did not understand the new equipment and raised 140 questions. Siva broke down all barriers, accompanied by the computer, laptop and countless box lunches.

“Delight the customer” has always been the persistent core value of Focusight. Siva had fought bravely on site at 100 days and nights, and perfectly delivered the first Focusight inspection machine to the customer, as the first inspection machine in the whole market.

At present, the equipment still works for 24 hours in good maintenance conditions after running for 5 years.

The Indian market occupancy of the inspection machine has always come out in front

After the market cultivation and first-rate service for many years, Focusight possesses the most customers of using the inspection machine in Indian currently, with more than 10 inspection machines and the market share of above 80%.

Indian Customer P garlanded the new equipment symbolizing the auspiciousness and dignity according to the Indian tradition after the equipment installation and debugging.

Focusight will surely get ready in 2017.

The 13th Printpack India was held in New Delhi Convention and Exhibition Center of India from February 4 to February 8. Focusight took this opportunity of trade show, exhibited the Focusight high-speed inspection machine jointly with the Indian agent, and attracted numerous customers to view, to lay a solid foundation for exploiting the Indian market of Focusight in 2017.

Just with the foreign professional service and sales elite teams as Siva who can break down the barrier of language and cultural difference and understand the truest need of overseas customers, Focusight can provide the superior quality product and service for vast overseas customers.

Most “International” Focusight, we are coming in 2017.

In the case of the overseas printing inspection equipment, please contact the overseas sales team of Focusight.

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