Heading East for Changzhou among Hazy Vernal Hues – Successful Completion of Focusight 2017 New Product Release Conference

——April 7, 2017

In ancient poems, spring in the south of Yangtze River is always wonderful. Everything comes back to life. In a radiant and enchanting spring scene, all is just beginning and is full of bright hope.

In the most beautiful season of the south of Yangtze River, Focusight sincerely invited hundreds of global customers to the base camp of Changzhou, jointly discussed the future of “Intelligent Printing Plant V1.0”, and personally experience the brand new printing detection equipment.

One-day journey was full of real stuff and constant surprise.

Highlight 1: Intelligent printing plant V1.0

In the exhibition, Focusight shared the latest scheme of “Intelligent Printing Plant V1.0”, focused on the most complicated cigarette package printing process in the printing technology, and revealed the explanation of Focusight Intelligent Printing Plant to the Industry 4.0 from three levels of operation level, management level and decision-making level.

Highlight 2: Soft package full detection scheme with upgraded crossover cooperation

Focusight and Israel AVT declared the strategic cooperation in October 2016, and the full automatic detection system FA-Falcon with high cost performance of 100% jointly developed in view of the soft package market of China was well received. In 2017, Focusight continuously deepened the strategic alliance with AVT, and launched more high quality detection products in view of the Chinese market such as FA-SOLIDPROOF offline proof product series and FA-SWAN offset printing online detection series.

Highlight 3: Great weapon of cigarette package quality upgrade

The cigarette package industry has always been the most competitive market segment of Focusight. Focusight was aware of implanting the brain and arms for the cigarette package industry by the total solution of quality detection and automation many years ago, so as to really help the cigarette package customers enhance the quality and save raw materials and labors, and achieve the industrialization upgrade.

FS-SHARK-500-PLUS cigarette package automation solution: automatic waste clearing + automatic paper feeding + high speed cigarette package single sheet inspection machine + automatic packing machine.

HP-J300AA fully opened gift box automatic packaging machine

Appropriate box type

Highlight 4: Big change of color box detection

In view of these high-end daily chemical / electronic / food packages unable to bear scratching and chromatic aberration such as cosmetics box, toothpaste box, and 3C electronic packaging box, our latest mixture feeder + color separation inspection machine Shark500/650 are done.

Moreover, there is double-sided automatic inspection machine FS-GECKO-200 customized for the hangtag / card products with small size, easy mixing and easy scratching.

Highlight 5: Three core software reloaded

For printing the customer's pain points, launched support automation model, a new detection algorithm engine support, easier to use a new detection software FS - Lighting; And support the qr code to download data, code, test, merge, rechecking and upload the multistep qr code of the central data management software FS - spiders, and based on the same color with the spectrum of multispectral FS - Chemelon - D50 color measurement software.

Bling Bling release conference achievements.

China cooperated with Israel in the soft package detection series of 30+ orders.The star product little single sheet inspection series of 20+ orders are queuing.Roll up sleeves and come on, Focusight companions.

Such kindness of warm sun can’t be repaid by grass

In this conference, more than 300 customers all over the country such as Shanghai, Guangdong and Yunnan, and even global customers and agents from Russia, India, Indonesia and Japan gathered in Focusight. For the kindness of the customers to Focusight, we will pay back by better technical solutions and better service.

We can reach the future so long as we set out.