Equipment features

  • Spectral data of the whole page can be scanned by one time by adopting 36 channels multispectral imaging system; it can replace traditional handheld colorimeter
  • It can give output of spectral data at any area of the whole product by adopting multispectral color measurement system and contrast spectrum to make sure that the target printed color is in the same spectrum of the sample
  • It can measure *L*a*b value of inspected products and standard products and calculate ΔE value of color deviation to decide whether their colors are the same
  • It can meet the measurement requirement of the same color and spectrum of cigarette package, medicine package and other social products including gold and silver card and laser products
  • It can be used in sample making, proofing, batch random inspection and make sure that printing color of each batch is stable by professional statement output
  • Front / back machine vision solution of various transparent materials can be set up

Advantage 36 channel multi spectra camera

Front/back imaging module (for transparent materials) advantages

Application industry

Pharmaceutical packets

Cigarette packets

Folding cartons