Technical Specifications

Equipment Advantages

  • Bigger Width: Support 650mm width with maximum carton thickness 600gsm, Compatible for cigarette, pharmacy and all other kind of color cartons.
  • Multiple suction feeder: Flexibly adjust for big width products
  • Mixture Feeder: Strong adaptability. Common product can adopt friction feeder, for easily scratch products can adopt suction feeder.
  • Adjustable belt Mode: Suitable for different kind length products collection.
  • Auto stacker: Suitable for regular shape products collection by stacker
  • Fish scale collection: Support different shape products collection
  • Double waste collection: Different defects collected by different rejection conveyor
  • Double reject device: Depending upon the carton thickness can use plate rejecter or Air rejection, support reject E corrugated

Separation diagram

Application industry

Pharmaceutical packets

Cigarette packets