Technical Specifications

Maximum Inspection Width 330mm
Rolling diameter 800mm
Maximum Inspection Speed 30m/min~200m/min,customizable
Mechanical appearance size 2600mm(L)*1100mm(W)*1700mm(H)
Camera configuration  
1-2 high speed cameras Conventional printing defect detection
Lamination,UV & All type of coating Defects Detection
Software module(optional)    two-dimension code detection software module鍧

Equipment Advantages

  • It is suitable for highly efficient and accurate inspection of soft cigarettes label and electronic/medical/FMCG labels etc
  • Backup of QR code/monitoring code and other changeable information inspection (selective configuration)
  • German high frequency 7K or 4KCCD colored line-scanning camera, foiling / varnish inspection station is available
  • Constant refrigeration by industrial air conditioner which specialized for industrial control cabinet
  • Effective inspection scope: printing defect, varnish defect, die-cutting defect, foiling defect, cutting defect, variable information defect
  • Recognition of contrast defect in flat area with high sensitivity
  • Accurate stop position while eliminating defects (specialized defect positioning, calibrating and identifying system, which is also applicable to PVC and PE materials)
  • Hierarchical management of system parameter setting
  • Integrated data management by adopting the configuration of one inspection host+ N defect review machines
  • Roll inspection occupies more than 90% of high-end flexible packaging market

QR code new technique procedures

Features of QR code variable information

Inspection object锛歈R code
Inspection work station锛歨igh speed station + manual code-scanning station
Inspection advantages锛
- able to inspect the highest version 6 of QR code with common error correction rate of 15% to 25%
- Minimum size that can be inspected is 8mmx8mm
- Support UTF-8 and GBK coding format
- The minimum QR code deviation equal or more than 0.2mm can be inspected
- Can be imported into database for check the data to scan the repeated code and wrong code
- Can realizes 100% information input of good products and support work station input through manual code-scanning
- Effective data code package of good products can be exported and managed by center data management system

Application industry

Cigarette packets