Technical Specifications

Inspection speed 250m/min
Inspection Area 90mm*90mm-500mm*420mm Products width 650mm/800mm width can choose suitable platform
Paper Type White/gray cardboards,METPET-Silver paper,Gold/laser paper
Front Inspection Option support installation 5 cameras at front
Print quality detection: Stripe,Ink spot,Color variation,Overprint,Misprinted
Post print quality detection: varnishing/lamination/Cast and Cure,Embossing/Die-cut/
Scratch,Foil Stamping/Holographic
Variable data module QR Code and Verification code data check
Position and appearance defect
High color accuracy module Installation mutil channel German camera
Sort products by different color with multi collection unit
Reverse Inspection white/black CCD camera, Dirty, mosquito, appearance defects
Automation Options    Multi collection unit Color variation separate collection
Big defects separate collection
Variable data defects separate collection
Auto binging unit Accurate counting,Complete the carton stacking,
Convenient follow-up package
Mechanical appearance size 18000mm(L)x4100mm(W)x2500mm(H)

Equipment Advantages

  • Cigarette/pharmacy whole process defects checking, support Variable data inspection
  • Whole line can work integratly also support working each machine separately
  • Latest FS-LIGHTING software, Automatic create template, easily study, more efficient
  • Multi spectra color measure with double reject collection bin to realize color sorting
  • Highest speed 120000pieces/hour, two staff working, connection package, saves labor cost
  • Auto binding machine connect inspection machine, also can working separate by manual loading

Product defect marking diagram

Application industry