D50 light source with standard color measurement and installation at 45°.

Metamerism detection: The spectral reflectance curve means the ratio between the luminous flux reflected by object and the luminous flux incident on object, i.e. the relation curve between the luminous reflectance and the wavelength, as an inherent characteristic of the material, and can be called as the “fingerprint” of the material. The spectral data of curve can be deemed as “DNA” of the material.

Single sheet product color detection

1. Chromatic aberration repeatability: White card 0.5△E

2. Chromatic aberration resolving ability: White card 0.5△E

3. Spectrum repeatability: Correlation coefficient >0.9

4. Long calibrating period: Calibration time >3 months

5. Minimum detection area: 5mm*5mm

Color Separation Schematic Diagram

Application industry

Pharmaceutical packets

Cigarette packets


Folding cartons