Equipment advantages

  • It conducts the system management in view of the medicine package QR code data currently, and includes code pack source, code spraying link, Sample Collection link, and direct uploading.
  • Avoid the information disclosure arising out of the clear copy of code pack at present.
  • Manage in view of the potential repeated code spraying and error code spraying in the code spraying link.
  • The code pack objects in the sample link correspond one to one.
  • Collect the uploading confirmation of code pack.
  • Batch management and refined management of code pack.

Data volume planning

  • The data volume is about 1.5 billion every year, and can be saved for 3 years, totaling to 4.5 billion.
  • Meanwhile, the data volume used is 50 million (10,000 boxes of 2 batches) per type in 3 products, totaling to 150 million.
  • The maximum quantity of the accessing users is <50 users.

Software architecture

User management interface

Application industry

Pharmaceutical packets

Cigarette packets


Soft Case

Folding cartons