Technical Specifications

The maximum document size锛56 x 80 inch with 300DPI (600DPI is suitable for smaller documents)
Applicable document type : AI, BMP, PDF, JPEG, TIFF (including one bit document)
Compatible with Windows
Detailed and complete report
Concentrated user management, level and remark
Color measurement and evaluation锛 RGB, CMYK, LAB
Easy to integrate the following systems锛
Artwork Management System (AMS), Document Management System (DMS), Product Life Management (PLM),
LAB Information Management System (LIMS)

Equipment Advantages

Completely relevant to your wide web, narrow web or single page app

  • The FA-SOLIDPROOF product line for offline proof is essentially comprehensive quality assurance and identification solution. It can conduct efficient inspection, quality assurance and identification to your whole production process, thus meeting and exceeding the growing market requirements
  • Offline proof product line can provide final solutions for printers and users of labels, packages and other high standard applications. It can help for not only reduce inspection time but also greatly reduce waste and improve the whole identification process
  • There is no need to spend time on manual and visual inspection for printing materials. Now you can automatically eliminate conversion error and undiscovered defects during setting stage before accumulation of single waste and products delivered to customers
  • FA-SOLIDPROOF is designed for large documents scanning and it can also process the wide web application and whole piece of printing paper easily
  • Its automatic function makes overall and repetitive process as easy as single package and label

Application industry




Soft Case